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Monday, December 30, 2013

It seems like every year around this time, I come up with my list of New Year's resolutions, and the following year, about the tail end of the first week in January, I beat myself up over failing to keep those resolutions, and I give up on them until the end of that year.  So, on some years, I decide ahead of time that I'm not even going to bother.

Well, this year I'm going to go ahead and try again.  I've made my list of things I want to do on a daily, a weekly, and a monthly basis.  I've turned that list into a nice spreadsheet and printed it out, made 52 copies, one for each week.  And as long as I have more little check marks on the sheet than I have empty squares, I guess I'll consider it something of a success.  Just try to do better this year than I've done in the future, and try to maintain this philosophy:  If I do the same thing for the next 365 days that I did today, will I be where I want to be a year from now?  Will I be better off?

We'll see...

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