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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Trying to do better

It's funny that I've always tried to be one of those completist sorts of people. "I'm going to keep buying a book in this series every week until I get the whole thing!" "I'm going to catch up on my blog; I'll just complete one post per day for the next year, and then it'll all be done!" Problem is, I never wind up catching up on the stuff, and then it just bugs me and drags me down further. I try not to worry about it all too much, and that's the state I'm in now. I don't know how many draft entries I have on here, I don't know how many photos I have that I haven't posted which I've meant to. I guess I'll just keep trying to do better at the things that I try to do, get some of them done, and post here as I do so. Not try to set up a goal which will probably never be achieved, no matter how modest it seems at the time. Just try to do better.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oddly, it's been just over a year since I posted anything on here. Well, not so much odd as it is just a coincidence. One year and three days, I believe. I need to post more often, so I'm going to try to do so... I nearly quit my job today, mostly over the behavior of a stupid little boy who is 26 years old but behaves like a ten year old. He can't seem to stay focused on doing his actual job, so he runs out of the office as soon as the manager is out of sight. I got a little annoyed and called him on it, and in return was berated about how if I had a problem with him, I should talk to him about it, not run off and tell everyone else. Of course, this all happened while I was telling him about it, not anyone else, but the irony of that fact was lost on my not-too-intelligent co-worker. Afterward, we had a meeting with the manager, and it was all basically swept under the rug. I told the manager that I'd bring him my notice tomorrow, but after cooling down a little and discussing things with the co-owner of the house, I think I'll let things ride for the time being. It would be stupid to throw everything I've worked for away on a moment's heated annoyance.

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