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Sunday, November 27, 2016

New Project 365, Day 1

Happy Birthday To Me!

So, after all of that buildup, what did I do today?  Not very much, really.  I did try to do some recording on a couple of the traditional tunes I've been playing around with, "Simple Gifts" and "Bonaparte Crossing the Rockies."  But I don't think I really made enough headway on either of them to really be worth posting up to my SoundCloud account.

And, with it being my birthday, I went out to dinner this evening, so now I'm feeling rather full and lethargic.

Oh, and I did at least make some progress on my project to scan all of my papers and such and get them onto the computer instead of in piles around the room.  So there's a little progress toward my organizational goals.  But tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully things will go better.

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