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Monday, March 30, 2015


So I find myself thinking, "You know, Joe, you should post more stuff on the blog."  But I also find myself trying to be complete, writing entire posts about things, not just little blurbs of thought.  Try to post an entire recipe, not just the thoughts about how I should change it to make the bread rise properly.  Write an entire article about how I got my scanner set up on the new Windows 8 computer, not just a simple little blurb about where I found the fix and such.  So, I'm going to try, for the entire month of April, to just write what's on my mind, put down a little more information if I can, but not try to write a National Geographic article about every little thing that I try to do.  And, if I can get myself to do that, and post those things, maybe that will carry over to me not being such a completist, anal retentive, perfectionist jackass about so many of the other things in my life.

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