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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Year 48, preliminatory post

Someone on my Twitter feed posted a note that they always start their new year resolutions on their birthday, rather than on the arbitrary date of January 1.  That makes a certain amount of sense to me, so I'm going to do that this year.  Of course, that's not for another few days, but I believe I'll start listing out the resolutions now.  In short, all of them are just to try to do better, to try to have a better life for myself and leave everyone and everything around me a little better by the time I hit the next birthday.  But the specifics are as follow:

  1. Try to take care of my health better, drink a bottle of water every day, put the lotion on my legs, brush my teeth twice a day, eat more fruits and vegetables.
  2. Make more music, just try to work on a little bit of something every day, or at least every week, and post it all to my SoundCloud account.
  3. Get my credit card balance down under $4500.
  4. And, finally, art every day.  Draw, or work with wood, or sculpt with clay, or do some cross stitch, or design a pattern. But, every single day, just get up and put some kind of tool to some kind of medium and make something.
Oh, and you know, it would be nice if I wrote on here a little more often, updated my website and kept if from becoming a complete ghost town, all that good stuff.  But, figure I'll stick with those big four for right now, and maybe that will bootstrap me out of my little depression I've been in lately, get me back to being a happy little camper every now and then.

Carpe annum!

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